Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Serving: Cherish the Day

Death is something that we all know will eventually happen, but it is always so unexpected! There’s no way to really “deal” with losing a loved one, you kinda just accept it. It does however, have a way of putting things into perspective. Or at least it should! It allows you to see the importance of the time spent on this earth and how short it really is. It is very important to love and cherish the people around you regularly! I believe that when this happens, it develops a deeper connection, so when they do transition they’re always with us and vice versa.  Because you just never know...  

Cute and comfy was on the agenda today! So tuxedo overalls, and comfy oxfords were my go-to. 

For a preppy vibe I added a white button up blouse. 

Hope you enjoy!

Overalls: Asos
Button up: NYandCo
Oxfords: Zara