Sunday, October 15, 2017

Serving: Church Style

Have you ever heard this saying "I can't complain that I have too much on my plate if my goal was to eat"? With the many "go out and get your grind on" posts floating on social media, this one stood out to me the most. Everyone on this planet can tell you the laundry list of things they either have done or have to get done. However, many of them will probably not be able to tell you the reasons behind that list. Sometimes being busy can be a tool used by the enemy to keep you from focusing on your dreams and aspirations. If your "busyness" isn't getting you closer to those goals or helping you to become your best self, it may be time to refocus. Refocus and regroup to figure out the why behind it all. Beware of the enemy and all of his devises, don't get so caught up in your world that you lose sight of Him. Happy Sunday folks!

I feel like in a weird way my style is on the come up. I've purged so much stuff and have been really thinking about how I want my style to be reflected in this next season. I recently bought this sweater dress because of its length! The colors weren't too bad either. To keep with the chill vibe I added booties in my favorite color. 

Hope you enjoy!
Dress:Olive Ole
Booties: Asos 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Serving: Church Style

Sometimes we're looking for the "what's next" in our lives, we lose sight of what we have. Now don't get me wrong, it's always good to strive, to grow, move forward, and evolve. However, sometimes it's good to find contentment in the things God has already given us. We never want to be so consumed in our "wants" that we're not appreciative of the process.Yes, it can be difficult and frustrating, waiting on God to give us what we desire. But if we stand on His Word, not only will He give us contentment in Him during the process, He'll give us unexplainable peace. Trust that He'll come through, because He ALWAYS does! Happy Sunday folks! 

On this rainy Sunday, I decided to pull out another oldie but goodie, a matching set from Target! 

This outfit has stood the test of time, however it has done me right. Lol. I'm still in the process of purging and rebuilding my wadrobe. I'm excited to see how my style will evolve.

Deets on the Fit:
Cardigan and skirt: Target
Pumps: Olive Ole
Necklace: Express. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Serving: Are you listening?

Early in my Christian walk, learning the voice of God was sometimes difficult. Even now, I often question whether or not I can really recognize when He's speaking. However, the more I grow in Christ, I'm learning that hearing God's voice is a learned process. It takes patience, trust, and consistency. It's like learning to hear any person that you're in a close relationship with! In cultivating the relationship you learn that person's voice. However, with God sometimes He speaks only when we make a move. Many times we wait to hear from Him, before we step out on faith. But I've learned that He sometimes speaks to us only when we make moves! Keeping our focus on Him, sometimes he only gives us guidance step by step instead of the entire staircase. So if you're in a place in your life where you're waiting for God to speak before you make a move, consider this, re-evaluate your position, make a move and listen closer...He's always speaking. 

Fall is HERE!! I feel it in the air!! Prior to the seasons changing I always evaluate my closet. This season I've done something that I needed to do for a long time...PURGE! Letting go of items that I've held on for years is was very cathartic! It gives me reasons to shop for new clothes and revamp my style. 

Transitioning from season to season can be tricky. Today I decided to pull out a detailed cardigan paired with a simple white button up, dark wash jeans, and my flats in my favorite color...leopard print!

Hope you enjoy!

Deets on the Fit:
Cardigan: H&M
Button Up: NY&Co
Jeans: Old Navy 
Flats: Asos